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Ant world videogame

April 5, 2018

Currently I am enrolled in a Unity game development class. Within the class, 2 separate studios have emerged to create similar but different VR videogames using the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive technologies.

I am affiliated with the DBugged Studio, and our game Molecular.

I have been contributing textured 3D Models from Blender, Substance, Z-Brush… and implementing into Unity for a playtestable running Build.

Stay tuned for updates bros

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Game Development

I’ve been taking classes at Ohlone in multimedia recently. Video game development, 3D texturing, 3D animation, and 3D Modeling. The 3D Printers in the modeling class are pretty sweet and I’ve been creating lots of little sculptures and pendants, as well as all sorts of useful little utility gadgets off of Thingiverse, namely a GoPro case and mount. I’d really like to acquire a Prusa Mk3 3d Printer someday, but I’m really broke. It’s on the List, you know. Eventually.

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Fell Off

whoops, I fell off on my high-concept big-scope project. Eventually I will pick it up, no doubt. I can’t afford to go that big just yet, unfortunately. So, I’m going to be starting small and working my way up, with small finished projects and eventually aim for the really good stuff. If you people are impatient, then I’ll step it up and take on more, but as of right now, I just really need to be impressing myself first and foremost. I would rather see lots of quantity than one massive quality piece of content, you know? It will eventually build up to something grand, as I have so many stories to tell and I want to make interactive immersive media. Build worlds, and communities, etc. I really love interaction and creativity, would be awesome to get people involved with some of my future projects. Yet, as of right now, I just need to be focusing on me first and can’t bleed myself to make an epic happen without support. I’m so invisible, you know? Anyway, just hold your horses. I got a lot of interesting stuff coming up, I have to keep my hands and mind busy. It’s never enough. So, on to the next one. And another one. Each thing I do will get me closer to where I want to be. I’m not happy yet, and I may never be, but I need to keep trying and get some of my passion projects off the ground. I have invested too much of my soul into this to ever abandon it, the sunk cost is too great. So, I will go down with this ship. Time to truly be the captain of my ship, and sail towards the horizon. Wish me luck, it’s going to be a very risky venture. High risk, high rewards. Regardless of my success, though, this is the only path to satisfaction for me. Even if I fail, I shall be happier having attempted to make my ideas happen into something real, instead of just letting my dreams stay dreams, doing nothing with them. I want to see my crazy thoughts become interpreted into mediums, and engage other beings in discourse, hopefully igniting passion to be creative and inspired as well. We can all be happy. Life is what you make it. Perspective is everything. Time to stop being reactive and passive. It’s time to be proactive and direct. Time is of the essence. These are the moments to be using. Second by second focused on what truly matters to me, I shall renew myself and contribute to changing the world into a better place to live. If I’m happy and doing what I love, then I will be an asset to this world, instead of a grouchy miserable liability. So, guess I better get going. I have much to do. Thanks for reading my incoherent babbling. It was here that everything started to change, finally. Hopefully. We’ll see, won’t we? Let’s do this!